Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Judicator Base WIP

As I've stated before, the Judicator deserves more than just a piece of plastic to stride to war on. After the break you can see the evolution of the base so far.

Last update you saw the bare bones steps but to review I took some masonite and cut out three levels of steps using a compass and kitchen shears. That alone could be basecoated and painted and be fairly respectable if you add some flock and other basing materials. But that wouldn't work for me since I am planning on my Judicator being fairly clean.

Since I didn't want to add flock and sand after the fact i needed something else to drive the texture quotient up and still look fairly clean. I decided that the temple would be paved in nice tile. Masonite is not the best medium for carving so i needed something on top that would be carve-able.

Joint compound is very useful stuff. And at $5 per gallon you can cover a lot of bases and terrain and still have some left over for the honey-do-list projects you've been putting off so you can paint your minis.

After it dried i used some cheapo carving/modeling tools from Harbor Freight and water to smooth out the biggest bumps, painted on a rough out of the designs I wanted to carve out and went to town.

At this point i got sucked into the work and forgot to take pics as I went. I carved out the Menofix first. Since this was my first time carving joint compound I tried using water to soften it up and that ended up taking more off than I wanted. So i started carving it dry and it worked much better. Ofter the Manofix was in the rest was just straight lines and painting.

I painted it up with the usual pattern of drybrushing and washes then more drybrushing and washes. I think the right side turned out a bit better than the left but overall I'm ok with this as my first attempt with a couple different techniques.

As always comments and critique are welcome.

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