Thursday, February 14, 2013

Basing work

I have seen a lot of awesome figs recently that have been made better by their bases. So i am concentrating a little more on the bases for my figs than i have in the past. 

As a test base to be able to use all of the new techniques and materials i have picked up i decided to do a wreck marker for my Warmachine army. Technically it's a base and it isn't supposed to look pretty so i figured i couldn't screw it up too much. Here is what i came out with.

I used some old citadel basing bits i had laying around, sprue bits, pieces of the middle of the base that I cut out, some crystals i made myself, and a new textured paste that i picked up at a local art shop for sand and snow effects. All in all not a horrible wreck marker.

I've also been working on putting together the colossal for my Protectorate army. I decided a model that big and obviously going to be a centerpiece whether you want it to be or not deserves more than a plain round base with some flock. So I've started my biggest (in every sense of the word) basing project to date. 

I've decided that the Judicators are always maintained at the temples of Menoth so they can be constantly blessed by the priests and the scrutators will always be on hand to watch the veritable army of mechaniks, vassals, and other quasi-heathens required to keep them running at peak performance.

That being said i want My judicator to look like it is stepping down from the temple to go to war. I have so far only created the steps for the base. I used hardboard for the steps and just mounted them to the standard base.

I'me hoping to cover it with joint compound (never done that before) and carve in the ubiquitous menofix and mason work, add some small sections of dust and foliage, but generally keep it pretty clean since it is a temple after all.

Comments and critique is always appreciated.

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