Thursday, March 7, 2013

February Challenge Model

The awesome guys over at have an awesome challenge system. The challenge rules change every month and are designed to make painter's think about and stretch their skills. All the painter's post their WIP photos and the community is able to give suggestions and feedback during the whole process. This makes for some fun changes mid-model.

More pics after the break!

February's challenge was titled "Girls of Summer" posted by one of the Australian painters on the site. I guess it is summer time for them right now. The challenge was to use one of three photos as inspiration for the color scheme, and the model had to be female. 

I chose the photo below. I was already thinking of doing my Circle of Orboros in a Silver and reddish scheme so this worked out for me.


I went with a dark green grey for the base of my leather pieces highlighting up to a smokey green grey for the... umm... smoke, and kept the orange red flame colors for the cloak. 

I want to do the base as if their has been a forest fire recently, some charred wood and blasted/baked/burnt earth.  I've been thinking of using some crackle medium and really dark washes, possibly highlighting the very edges like the earth is still hot enough to burn. Any ideas on how to achieve that look?

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